Friendship Gymnastics Center

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Gym Status

 Central Virginia    GYMNASTICS & ALL STAR CHEER
Palmyra- Route 15   Fluvanna County

Summer Schedule is posted!


May 3
 6:15-7:30   $12.00
walk-in program

Current  Week:     May 2-7
Note:  the gym is ALWAYS closed from 2:20-3:30 for van pick-up

     Monday       0930-8:30

Tuesday         12:00-8:15
Wednesday   12:00-8:30
Thursday      12:00-8:15pm
Friday           12:30-6:30pm
    Saturday       9:15-1:00pm 


Upcoming Events

Up coming

Wisc  May 7-8
Fluvanna is on Sunday!

Level 3 States
May 14-15
Va. Beach

Level 3 & 4 Boys States
Suffolk  April 23-24

 Xcel States
Hampton May 21-24

June 12-17

Our Philosophy 
        We want kids to have a enjoyable experience and learn how to move and think about how the body learns.
         We want our students to use the skills they learn to be useful in more than just the sport sense.
            To learn something we must see it, hear it say, it and do it.