Friendship Gymnastics Center

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Cheer and Dance Programs

                                    Competitive Cheer  ALL STARS
                                                      August - May
                       Dance Classes by the Brushwood School of Dance
                                       Monday and Tuesday 


Cheerleading Programs
open tumble on tumbletrac
Join us for Open Tumble

     Walk-In Cheer-Tumble
$12.00 per visit 

Always call prior to attending : 589-5867
message will be on machine


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BR USHWOOD SCHOOL OF DANCE  2015  August31 to Novemeber.
Call the Dance Studio    1.540.832.
Teacher at Friendship....Ms. Regina Delman

YOUTH and JUNIOR     Competitive  SQUADS

  •  Revised 23 May 2015
  • ALL-STAR Competition Squads -
    • Traveling competition squad  ( Virginia & Maryland)
    • 9 month program - tumble practice encourage all year    
    • You must attend 2-3 practices per week  and Tumble
    • Fund raising activities
    • Tuition is $110.00 per month  for 3 days per week for the  Junior Team.
    • Tuition is $85.00   per month for 2 days per week for the Youth TEAM. 
    • There is a Team fee of $150.00 for the season... covers practice shorts & shirt/ goody bags / team needs
    • Must also purchase:  shoes, gym bag, socks, warm-up and uniform @$ 225.00  we do have a few used uniforms available....
    • Will attend at minimum 1 competition to 6 competitions.  This depends on the group and skill level.  Competitions usually run $60.00 to 95.00 per event.
    • TRYOUTS  for Junior TEAM      call for audition   ( must be 12-14)  on September 1
    • TRYOUTS  for  YOUTH TEAM   September  13 and /or 20,  2015        Time: 5:30-7:30pm    ( must be 7-11)
    • Senior Team Cheer Camp:  July 27-31 2015     Camp fee is $75.00 

Junior Practice Days    Monday / Thursday /Friday...   and once per month a Friday may be switched for a Saturday.
Youth Practice Days     Monday / Tuesday...     once in a while Saturday.

Dance Classes

Tuesday Dance Classes Taught by Brushwood School of Dance

Primary Ballet/Tap/Jazz Ages 6-7 Tuesday 6:00-7:00 PM
Pre-Ballet/Tap/Jazz Ages 3-5 Tuesday 5:15-6:00 PM