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Gymnastic Classes

Classes are offered for all skill and age levels. Gymnasts can continue at the recreational level or move on to the competitive team as their skills improve.


 The  Class Schedule       Latest update:   17 JULY 2014
   Summer  Classes II    July7- Aug. 4,  2014
                       Summer clinics and Camps  June - August 2014        

 REGISTRATION will be posted the first week in August...  
Registration is still open for Summer Camps and Clinics

  • There will be 1  Payments for Summer Semester Class.  We do not prorate class fees... you are paying for a We do not prorate class fees... you are paying for a "slot" in the class.
  • Payment  is DUE prior to the start of your class.  Payments are for 4 weeks at a time.  
  • Payments after the 15th of the month  will receive a $10.00 late fee
  • Any class that is canceled due to instructor illness will be made up.
  • Students may only ride the van for classes starting prior to 4:15
  • Need a Registration Form? Call or e-mail us!
  • NO Van in the summer
There is a $25.00 registration/member fee per family per year (Aug to  July)
Checks should be make payable to Friendship Gymnastic Center.

Inclement Weather Info

1. Call the gym (589-JUMP)      
2. like-us on Facebook updates will be posted!
  Boys Classes are listed at the bottom of thebottom of the page               

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FALL 2014
12 week Session
Starting September 8th

THIS IS NOT COMPLETE  Programs are being posted.....
 Monday Classes
Parent and Me               9:30-10:30        ages 1-1/2 to 4     co-ed
Gymnastics EDU.         9:30-11:30        ages   3-1/2 to 5    co-ed    
Level 1 Girls                                              ages 6 to 8             girls
  Recreational 2             6:15 to 7:30     ages 7 to 12      Year-round program 

TUESDAY Classes      
Gymnastics EDU.        9:30-11:30        ages 3-1/2 to 5     co-ed   
Pre-Gym                        12:15- 1:00        ages 4-5                girls
Beginner Gym                                          agesages 
Level 1                 
OPEN TUMBLE          6:30 to 7:45pm       ages 8 and up    WALK-IN class      $15.00 per visit

Home School Program       Class 1 ages   4-7 (co-ed)    
                                                  Class 2  Girls   8-12     
                                                  Class 3  Boys  8-12  
Beginning Gym          
 Level 1
 Level 2 and Bronze XCEL



Boys Gymnastics
Class Monthly Fee Details
Parent and Me $28.00   September 8 - December 1         ages1-1/2 to 4years     Co-ed
Boys Training    ages 7 to 10 $55.00 per month   One day per week - Monday
Boys Training ages 5 to 8 $55.00 per month One day per week   Tuesday                  
Boys Training  ages 4-6 /   
45 minute class $45.00


One day per week   Wednesday  mid-day   1245-1:00

  BOYS GYMNASTICS for competition-   $135.00 per month      Two days per week   ages 7-12        
 Boys Team

*must attend 3 days
     * must be 7  years old
 * year round practices  / gymnastic camp


  • Van rides from Fluvanna Schools only
  • There are a limited number of seats.
  • Seats must be reserved & paid for at registration.
  • Rides are not pro-rated nor transferable to another month.